Sunday, April 22, 2007


Here is a video of my father-in-law playing a Bach peice on his new organ. Clearly he is having (too much) fun.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

A Busy Week...

I have been neglecting the ol' blog lately due to some hectic craziness as of late. I am sure all of my avid blog readers really care but I am going to explain why anyways. We have kind of stopped looking at houses because of our Europe trip. Plus we need more $$$ for a down payment I think. I am also thinking we should get pre-approved for a mortgage and maybe line up a mortgage broker. Really I am new to all this and everyone seems to have their own idea of what to do.
Speaking of the Europe trip, we have been getting prepped for leaving in 22 days! I have to get an international drivers license for renting a car in France. Hopefully I don't get in any accidents with crazy French drivers.
Two weekends ago we went down to Hamilton and saw Ben Folds play the Kool Haus in Toronto. That was an amazing show - he can seriously play a Steinway.Work has been really crazy lately too. One of our biggest projects is well on its way in Brockville. I have been getting to know the millwork very intimately lately. Oh well, busy=job security as far as I'm concerned.I also helped my dad measure up his front yard to do a site plan so he could sketch some ideas for reworking the driveway. Apparently there is too many cars in the family now. (Lawren bought a sweet Grand AM with confusing electronic controls)
Last weekend my father-in-law had his organ installed. It is one sweet instrument. I want to get a video of him playing up on youtube eventually.And of course, who could forget the playoffs. Its pretty cool being in Ottawa and seeing the city come alive as they duke it out with the Pens (they are up 3-nil in game 5 as I write this). A few people I know are even at the game. I thought about it but $80 for 3rd level seats was a little steep for me.
I am trying to save up some money for a Vespa after all. Hey I'm allowed to dream right?Last of all I have to confess that I learned something about myself on Monday. I am a sucker for a big bin of pillows. We were at The Bay after sushi night with Karin and Josh and I couldn't resist leaning back on a bin of huge pillows. The problem arose when it turned out they couldn't support my weight. I started sinking in and eventually would have drowned if my wife hadn't heard my calls for help. Needless to say we left rather quickly.
What can I say - Good Times in Ottawa.