Thursday, July 19, 2007

HD Photos

I got a buddy of mine to do some HD photography stuff with my little point and shoot camera. He does some amazing stuff with his high tech stuff. Check out his website here.
Anyway essentially what we did was take 3 pics at different exposures and merge them using Adobe Photoshop. Using the mini tripod we set up the camera on my balcony. Since my camera doesn't have a auto-bracketing feature we had to do 3 separate pictures with the timer to minimize the shake. Even so they did not match completely but still pretty good for a 2 year old point and shoot.

Here is the original. Sorry for the crookedness. (I will straighten it with Picassa sometime)
and after it is merged... notice how much more colour there is.

The original.
and after it is merged. You pretty much see what your eye sees.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Ticketmaster = Microsoft

Both have a monopoly on providing sub par (but necessary) services while charging outrageous 'convenience' fees when there actually is no convenience in their service.