Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Aaaaannnd I'm Back....maybe

I just noticed today that Blogger now has Google+ integration. I am actually surprised it took this long.

This post is basically just to test that and see how it all works. I'd actually like it to be possible to post to my blog from G+ since the interface is so much nicer and it would be easier to share stuff.  I used to post to facebook from this blog but good ol' facebook killed that to force bloggers to use their own in-house blogging/notes feature.  I think that was the beginning of my real dislike of facebook. I want integration!

I still read blogs occasionally (primarily through Google Reader for Android on my phone and now nexus7) but the number of regularly updated blogs is diminishing. I switched to Twitter for a while which is great for following interesting people and getting news fast. But although hashtags are cool tweets of links are boring to look at so when Google+ came out I jumped on that even though there wasn't much on it. Now there are some huge communities being built and I have met some very interesting people.  The stream is beautiful (especially on my new nexus7) and it is so much easier to use than facebook.

I still have a facebook account because some people only use that for contacting them. I guess it has it's place. I heard a neat quote 'Facebook is for people you like and Google+ is for people like you' and I guess that is why I will need both for a while I'm sure. And now that Flipboard for Android is out, I can now read twitter (and google reader) from a much nicer interface.

So where does that leave this blog? I don't know yet but if it gets more integrated with G+ you might see more action here.

More action like this:
Yes this is an actual product that exists. Why?