Saturday, February 26, 2011

So that's what it would look like.....

Of course you have wondered what would happen if you blew up hundreds of thousands of firecrackers at once. Well these guys went and found out.

Apparently this is a dedication to some family member who died.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Horses Save a Milk Truck

This one is for all my farmer friends....

That is some serious horsepower eh?

Anti-Abortion Billboard

So a few days ago this billboard went up right in New York City just down the road from a Planned Parenthood office.
It didn't last too long before being removed. But it did get a lot of press.

I'm not really well versed enough to comment on what they are saying but I have read some stuff that clearly shows that the abortion rate is much higher for African Americans than the rest of the population in the States.

In other abortion news, I noticed (thanks reddit) that when you search "Murder" on google, the wikipedia article for abortion shows up as the second item. I am sure that will get shut down pretty quickly but it sure does seem that the abortion issue is in the mainstream news a lot lately. It's not a bad thing because I really think that people need to be forced to think through this issue and discuss it.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Cat Laser Bowling

Here is the best argument for having pets I have seen yet:

Anybody want to get some cats together and start a bowling league?

Danny MacAskill - "Way Back Home" - NEW street trials riding short film

Best travelling bike video with some awesome tricks. Danny MacAskill riding home and doing tricks throughout Scotland.

This isn't your standard bike tricks video. Think incredible views and ancient architecture.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Prank on a Call Centre

I wonder if someone can duplicate this with the Bell call centre here in Kanata. This is an insanely elaborate prank on a Belgian call center which is apparently notorious for it's poor customer service. Stick around for the ending - it is priceless.