Monday, May 26, 2008

King Kong Capture

Have you ever wanted to make a picture out of something on your screen? Well thats what the print screen function was always for. But that meant you had to open your image editing software and crop it down to size, save it to whatever format you want..... yeah too much effort.
A buddy of mine ran into this little program a few weeks ago.
It is a totally customizable program that allows you to quickly drag a window over anything and presto, it is a jpg, or bmp or whatever you had it set to. Brilliant!
This is one of those programs that I have always wondered why they don't exist. But I guess someone else was thinking the same thing.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Google Games?

Since google clearly doesn't have enough products or features I am never surprised to find new features. The latest one (sent to me by a fellow google fanatic) is a feature for Google Earth. If you have never used this program than I feel pity for you. It is like a souped up Google Maps. You can explore any part of the earth or galaxy in 3D and spin the world, search for locations, tourism info, pictures, real estate, 3D buildings etc.
Anyway, this latest feature is a flight simulator for Google Earth. It allows you to fly around the world in your choice of a F-18 or a Cessna.
I guess the graphics are already there so why not eh......?

Friday, May 16, 2008

Vespa Video is fixed...

In case you were wondering. The video from the previous post is fixed.

Vespa Ride in My Neighborhood

I put together a video of myself riding around in my neighborhood on my new Vespa S150. During the ride I surpassed 1000 kms. Time for it's first service.

And yes it is quite fun.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Bluesfest Anyone?

This year I am definitely hitting the Ottawa Bluesfest. For anybody who doesn't know, the Bluesfest really is not limited to blues. The festival is the largest music festival in Ottawa and generally features artists from the old classics like Steely Dan and Ray Davies to hip-hop/R&B losers Fergie and Wycliffe Jean. I think most of the festival is dedicated to rock in all its various forms. I am more interested in the less well known artists like The Acorn, Born Ruffians, Calexico, Corb Lund, Elliot Brood, Eric Eggleston, Feist, Hayden, Jason Collett, Jim Bryson, Luke Ducet, Metric, Plants and Animals, Royal Wood, The Most Serene Republic, Weakerthans and Wintersleep to name a few that caught my eye. It lasts from July 3rd to 13th and features close to 200 acts.

Right now the plan is to go on Friday, July 4th to see Corb Lund and Feist and maybe catch part of Royal Wood's act on the Black Sheep Stage. I also really want to go on Saturday the 5th and just camp out at the Black Sheep Stage because it is loaded with talent.
Check this out!
1:45 pmChristine Fellows
3:15 pmJustin Rutledge
4:45 pmNQ Arbuckle
6:15 pmLuke Doucet
7:45 pmElliott Brood
9:30 pmSix Shooters Show
I'm not sure about NQ Arbuckle or Six Shooters Show but the other 4 are fantastic.

So is anybody in? I want to buy tickets now while they are still considered early bird

Thursday, May 01, 2008

And now for a sappy (but good) music video

I ran across this video while listening to one of the last great internet radio stations. Its a little sappy but very good tunes are involved. Royal Wood is a Toronto based singer songwriter I believe. The song is called 'Juliet'. I thoroughly enjoy the guy so give it a listen and tell me what you think.