Friday, January 27, 2006

Blogging 2

Ok I think I have this blogging thing figured out. If you look at the sidebar to the right of the screen I have added links to some websites and links to blogs of friends of mine. Enjoy 'em. I also filled out some of my profile questions.

Thats it for now because we have to fly out to Ottawa tonight where we plan to dine at Boston Pizza and spend all day Saturday looking at apartments.

Hope we find something...

Moving to Ottawa

So if you did not get my email about moving to Ottawa than you would most likely not be reading this.
Yes, moving to Ottawa, what are my thoughts on this? Well when I started looking for jobs I just wanted whatever I could get. As the job search progressed I became a little more picky. I refined my search methods and every chance I got I would show any potential employers my transcript, references and letters of reference. I found that if they never saw any of those I was just another guy with a resume.
Anyway I ended up with a couple job offers and four other potential job offers. I had thought that once you get a job offer its easy. You accept and start working. I had not prepared for making some serious decisions about how it would affect Irene's job or where we would live or how the wedding plans would be disrupted. But I made the decision to take this job offer in Ottawa after much prayer and consideration.
In any case it will be an adventure and at least I know that I am marketable. Although I will be barely be making enough money to support two people, God will guide us as we start our lives together.

Thursday, January 19, 2006


Is this whole thing worthwhile? I mean, why blog? Does anybody care what I think about things? Probably not so why am I doing this?
The answers to those questions are:
-Probably not
-Who knows
-Of course not. In todays world noone cares about what other people think. Or at least that is what we are supposed to believe. Wow that could turn into a huge discussion.
-I still have no idea although I was deeply impressed with a friends blog and my fiance is also using it for good purposes. We shall see if I keep it up. Judging by past projects - not very likely.

What a weird feeling. My first blog.