Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Camping = Good Times

To all who went camping with me at Guelph lake, thank you for the killer time. It was probably the best trip to date for some of us. Here are some pics that should be self explanatory for anybody who was there. For those who weren't, I'll fill in the gaps.
Look its a homemade Lakeport. Just when I thought I had run out, Jocelyn whipped it up. Why is there a donut on top of it?

Here is the neighbour kid with the shirt sucking wedgie. This is the type of picture you get when people borrow your camera.

Tim taking a pic. We did that a lot.
The guys shooting things. We did that even more.
Mmmm donuts.
Devon is grabbing yet another Busch. Dude, you should have stopped then.
Jocelyn and a girl whose name I forget.
Josh doing TWO bad things the week before he gets married.
Joel having a good time. He had a good time the whole weekend.

Thanks for the good times people and I'll see y'all next year!

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