Friday, October 12, 2007

Surface Computers - the future?

I was alerted to this new technology by a colleague and than started stumbling upon it everywhere. As everybody knows the Iphone with its multi-touch screen (you can touch more than one thing at a time) has been a huge success. Couple that with the older Bluetooth and Wifi technology and you get the computers of the future: Surface Computers.
Developed by Microsoft (what happened!?!) they are designed to interact with any electronic device. The potential applications are enormous. So as usual they are predicting that eventually every surface (fridge, coffee table, desk, shopping carts) is going to be an interactive LCD surface. um yeah. sure.
Currently the only uses are in high-end bars and casinos where the table will read things like your credit card (surprise) and glasses, and the usual digital paraphernalia (cameras, cellphones). Check out the video to get a better idea or do a search for 'Surface Computers' on youtube and you will be amazed at how many videos there are. Probably all microsoft marketing videos.

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