Monday, January 21, 2008

I hear there's this election down south...

So does anybody actually know what's going on with the election in the States? I realize they are voting for new leaders but nobody seems to be able to answer some key questions. Who is actually voting? Is it everybody or just select people? Why do they do one state at a time? That could take all year! I have also heard that on some Tuesday in February they have 'Super Teusday' on which a bunch of the states get to vote on one day. Is it sponsored by Wal-mart? Even an American friend couldn't answer most of these questions.

Actually just last night many of these questions were answered by a buddy over some beers (thanks Nick). Apparently the race is quite close so 'Super Tuesday' which is usually the day the leaders are basically chosen. If you don't win big on 'Super Teusday' than just quit already. But this time it may be so close that most won't want to quit. The problem is the money being spent by these candidates will skyrocket if they have to continue the leadership campaign past February. Usually they have started the usual bickering between parties by that point. So having learned this bit of information, I am looking forward to 'Super Teusday'. Maybe I can get cheap election underwear from Wal-mart.
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