Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Another Epic Animal Battle

This clip is brilliantly narrated and has some fantastic slo-mo footage. It isn't for the squeamish kiddies though - it is a full on massacre. Thirty Japanese hornets take on a nest of 30 000 European honeybees and destroy it.

If you want to know more about this insect you can check it out on Wikipedia of course.

Some interesting facts:
  • These things can and will chase you for 3 miles.
  • Each year in Japan the human death toll exceeds that of all venomous and non-venomous animals combined.
  • It's body length is approx. 2" and the wingspan is 3"
  • The Japanese honeybees have a defense mechanism in which they swarm the hornet and heat it up while pumping CO2 at them which kills them.
  • The European honeybees (which have been imported into Japan) do not do this at all and are consequently destroyed.
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