Monday, August 22, 2011

What is up with Noises?

For all you music pros out there this is probably old had. However to little ol' me it blows my mind. Seriously if you have 10 minutes give this a watch.

I'd like to have some discussions about notes with someone. What's interesting is that I find it very VERY hard to hear some of the things she is pointing out. That is what I blame my lack of musical skills on: Bad hearing ability. It all sort of blurs together for me.

The other interesting thing is how she ends the video. She is saying that we naturally find order in all the sounds that are coming into our ears. I find this to be a loaded statement. First of all, are some people better at creating order from sounds? Is this why I have trouble hearing someone talk to me when I am listening or reading or focusing on something else? Also, what about modern classical music? Does this mean that if you try hard enough you should be able to find beauty and order in dissonant music? I certainly can do that better than some people. Sometimes I love the sounds of modern Sigur Ros and other post-rock bands while my dear wife just wants to shut it off. This is all just so fascinating.....
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