Monday, September 11, 2006

Birthday - Yay

To anyone who cares, my birthday was on the 3rd. It was a good time; in fact the whole weekend was full of good times. Irene and I went down to Brockville and Merrickville which are two quaint small Ontario towns. Brockville is on the St. Lawrence and is defined by the river. It seemed to be full of American tourists. One guy thought we don’t have cream cheese in Canada and I didn’t bother trying to correct his ignorance. We found a good place to eat though.

Merrickville on the other hand is one of those towns defined by artists and the tourists drawn to them. It is full of glass-blowers, painters, nice restaurants and old expensive hotels. I would think it attracts a lot of Montrealers. It kind of reminded me of Old Montreal. It is a town that caters to tourists with money so we didn’t buy anything. You can read more details about that trip on Irene’s blog.

Irene also got me a new electronic toy. It is a GPS locator which I had been talking about for the past few months. It will probably lead to some more travelling adventures. Now I just have to get the detailed maps to put on it. I think I am turning into a GPS junkie. Oh well, its better for you than crack right?

The weekend was rounded off with party at my in-laws and sailing on Labour Day. Definite good times.
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