Thursday, September 07, 2006

Gnome vs. JimBob

As I have mentioned before, Irene's sister is expecting a baby. This will be my first nephew/neice so it is really exciting. Maybe it's even more amazing when you are closely related. So here is a picture of an ultrasound from a few weeks ago. See if you can figure out where the baby is. It took me a while but I saw it eventually. The picture is of the baby's head from a couple months ago (check the date on the picture).
Currently Mike and I are rooting for a boy. I immediately named 'him' JimBob and Mike, being the father, changed it to Gnome (he likes garden gnomes). He says he might still change it after the baby is born. For the kids sake I hope he does. Mike has till late December to think of something else....
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