Friday, December 15, 2006

I'm back.......sort of

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By: Robert Hughes

The funny thing is when you go on vacation and don't do any work you get home and realize that, strangely enough, no work got done.

Blogging has become one of the victims of a busy life. Working and then leaving early so you can get more done on your other job doesn't leave much time for fun and recreation aka blogging. But I am taking a lunch break and its Friday so why not. Most consultants leave early on Fridays anyway.

Anyway, anybody who has followed the latest technology in Blu-Ray and HD DVD knows that there is a battle of technology going on that rivals the Beta to VHS insanity of years gone by. As in all conflicts many people simply must jump on one side or the other. One of my favorite sites has been on this issue like a fat kid on a smarty since before day one. According to someone there the latest news in the tech world is that Sony is done and Toshiba will win with its HD DVD system. And while I am inclined to agree I still can't picture Sony getting knocked around too easily with all these other companies supporting them. Sure they have taken a few blunders in the past while but come on.

Either way if I was going to call it, I'd say Sony will lose out (they certainly are right now - stupid PS3) but it really doesn't matter because I can't afford either of the systems.
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