Monday, December 25, 2006

A Sufjan Stevens type of Christmas

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A couple months ago when Sufjan Stevens released his latest compilation I was immediately interested. Several reviews said some good things and the clincher was when I read the record label's review. His label, asthmatic kitty records, has the best name for a record label. Anyway, the review stated somewhere that Stevens started the Christmas collection out of his inherent aversion to christmas carols and the frill and excess that almost always accompanies them. That sounded perfect for me.
So I bought it.

A month later and it is pretty much the only cd (or cds) Irene and I listen too. Now I find out that pretty much everyone else has already heard the cd and thinks its awesome. My brother Lawren actually bought it too.
Oh well, so much for being new and cool. Looks like the cool kids are right there behind me. Actually it is encouraging that there is so much good musical taste out there.
Anyway the other cool thing about the compilation is the packaging that comes with essays, short stories, guitar chords, poster, comic and stickers among other things. Definitely good times and with that great Sufjan touch on every song this music is hard to beat.
Only one question: How Christian is he?

Here I am with Sufjan and his 'family' and my favourite poinsettia.
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