Friday, March 02, 2007

Winterlude Pics

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Beck's Broken Drum from Guero

Winterlude has come and gone once again. Once again I missed out on a free indie concert which featured Amy Millan of 'Stars' among others. Ah well - there is always next year eh. Actually we are going to a concert in Wakefield with the 'Great Lake Swimmers' in March so my music fix should get satisfied. This year I went down to winterlude the most of any year. I was down at least once every weekend. The canal was ok but not amazing this year - thanks to global warming and hummers. Stupid hummers. They should be outlawed.
Ice Sledding - Mush! Lawren Mush!

Ice Mountie - Take that bad guys!
Cap'n Haddock looks eerily like my Dad.
Beavertails - anything will taste good when it's deep fried.
Look even the snow is jumping on the knitting trend.
Don't mess with this Care Bear!
Mmmmmm Tea.
Francine, Me and Tim on the Rideau.
Those lost children services are useful aren't they Tim?
Tim and Me enjoying the festivities.
PS I love the Nederland hat - almost as cool as my Peruvian Alpaca Hat.

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