Tuesday, September 18, 2007


You know the whole environmentalism thing has gone too far when they start doing this kind of thing.
We can learn several things from this:
1. Wear a helmet when riding a motorcycle (especially fast ones)
2. Only professionals should attempt burnouts (not tech geeks trying to impress other tech geeks)
3. Gas is overrated.
4. Calling your motorbike the 'Killacycle' is probably not a good way to market it. (Especially if it kills you while you are trying to market it)
5. People (read americans) are idiots.
6. Don't let some random blond model girl tell you where and how to do a burnout.

But as idiotic as this thing is, I still have to admit that I am impressed. Its like a having a wind-up car as a kid. In reality though it doesn't really make sense because it has way to much useless power. Its like an american muscle car.
The other thing is I have never really understood the concept of saving energy by using electricity because thats energy too. It makes you wonder what ever happened to that Steorn perpetual energy machine.....

oh it was nothing. big surprise.
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