Friday, February 08, 2008

An Awesome App

As anybody who uses firefox knows, there are some awesome applications out there for it. Recently I came across this really cool one called PicLens.
When doing something involving lots of pictures i.e. a google image search you can click on any of the pictures and 'blink', your screen is black. Then there are thumbnails stretching off into infinity.
Here is an example of a search I did for Frank Gehry.
You can scroll through them effortlessly, zoom in and generally browse quite efficiently. It works kind of like Picasa in that it doesn't load the full quality image until you start zooming in on it. And it keeps preloading all the thumbnails of the pictures on the site. Actually it feels a lot like the Iphone in quality and looks.
All in all it is a fun, cool and slick way of browsing through lots of online pictures at once.
I believe it also works with IE and Safari but who cares. Firefox is way better.
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