Thursday, April 17, 2008

My Vespa

I finally got it and I have finally removed myself from it long enough to blog about it. Yes it is awesome and yes it is more fun than I thought it would be.
Here are some high-def shots of it in front of my office. We are currently getting amazing weather for it too so I have put over 100 kms on it in zipping around town. Its got really good pick-up to 80 kms but over that it takes a bit to get to 100. I am still getting used to the signals because you have to remember to turn them off.
I hope I get a lot of use out of it this summer.
I am taking my motorcycle course at the end of June with a friend of mine. Should be fun. But until then I am limited to the M1 restrictions which kind of sucks. I could go into all the details but it would probably bore you. All you need to know is that the Vespa is the scooter for the ages. Beautiful design coupled with brilliant engineering and years of refinement. It is known around the world (maybe not so much in North America) as the best scooter money can buy.
Every once in a while I get someone asking me why I didn't buy a regular motorcycle. Well, really I never really had a huge interest in motorcycles. They never seemed practical enough. Then I ran into the Vespa.
Anyway, the merits of the Vespa merits a blog in itself. I gotta go riding.
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