Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Toyota builds the only Real Truck

Anytime you talk about trucks you get the usual tripe between the Ford guys and the Chevy guys. It invariably turns into some sort of pissing match (encouraged by those idiotic stickers showing Calvin urinating on a company logo).
Whenever you mention Toyota to these guys they all scoff and call you a pansy. Usually I find this seems to encourage the idea that they are ignorant, conservative americans (or Canadians who wish George Bush was the Prime Minister). I'm not saying I this about these guys. It just doesn't do anything for the stereotype.
Anyway, stereotypes aside, the point of this blog is that Toyota trucks pretty much kick all other trucks in the butt, very hard.
And here is why. It is a video of the fantastic show, Top Gear, as they attempt to destroy a Toyota Hilux (basically a Tacoma in Canada). They do everything to it including crashing, drowning, burning and dropping off an imploding high-rise.
Its a good video.
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