Monday, June 09, 2008

Wal-Mart with AC/DC

This story (about AC/DC selling their latest cd exclusively at Wal-Mart) is amusing on so many levels. First of all, I think it says a lot about AC/DC fans. It doesn't surprise me that same people who feel quantity is more important than quality are the same people who listen to boring, cliche music. The article says a lot about Wal-Mart. But it is really nothing we didn't know already. Wal-Mart = crap.
Secondly, this article captures the sad state of the major music industry quite well. I think it is quite amusing how it describes how the labels are losing not only the indie artists (which, in my opinion, is creating a resurgence in great new music) but also the bigger names. The funny thing about this is where the bigger names are going. They are flocking to companies who in turn leech off them as part of their marketing strategy. It just smells so capitalistic. Everybody leeching off everybody else for the sake of money.
Oh well, these are not things that will ever change. People will always be flocking like sheep to latest fad, whether it is introduced by MGM Studios or the local Wal-Mart.
And it keeps the economy going I guess.
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