Tuesday, September 30, 2008

And the winner is....

Caribou with the album Andorra. The winner of the Polaris Music Prize (and $20 000) was announced last night at the Phoenix in Toronto. You can listen to a podcast of the party here.
I didn't put a lot of faith in that album when the short list was announced. But that was mostly because I was not a huge fan of it. It was interesting but hard to get into.
But the award is for 'Artistic Merit' so I can see why it won. It is one of those albums that takes a few listens to really enjoy and they are usually some of the best. She's the One is probably my favorite track on the album right now.
Caribou is a project by Dan Snaith of Dundas, Ontario. He is a pretty interesting guy who started recording when he was 14. He progressed from a solo electronic DJ act to performing in a four piece band. If you want a taste of his live performances check out a CBC recorded concert here.

Other cool Caribou things:
  • Watch some pitchfork videos here.
  • They have a song called Irene.
  • They were originally called Manitoba but were forced to change due to some ridiculous lawsuit.
  • Watch some Caribou 'Take Away Shows' here. (via Pitchfork)
  • Dan Snaith has a PhD in Mathematics from the UofT
And on another musical note I plan to go see Mother Mother, The Wooden Sky and The Superfantastics on Friday night. Should be good.
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