Monday, September 29, 2008

A music video made without cameras

Sorry, it's another Radiohead post. It's just that those guys are always on the cutting edge of technology and music so I can't get enough of them.
For the latest music video for House of Cards (one of my favorites from In Rainbows) they used a totally different approach to filming. They used a laser point based 3d measuring system (known as LIDAR) as the camera. These machines are most often used for measuring existing architecture or infrastructure and when hooked up to a GPS system it can draw and locate everything within view to the nearest millimeter. This technology is most often used by cities or governments (who actually have the money for it). I actually know someone who does this in Montreal. As far as I know, this is similar technology to what he uses.
So here is the video:

And here is the video showing how they made the music video:

And if you are the creative sort you can create your own music video by using the 3d environments created by these guys and the music of Radiohead. Neat stuff! Check it out here. Careful though, since it takes a while to get going you are probably best off downloading the stuff here and putting it together on your own computer. If anybody ends up doing this I'd love to see the result. You can also upload it to the House of Cards YouTube group.
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