Saturday, March 07, 2009

Abortion is Wrong

Last week I went to Ottawa U to watch an abortion debate. It looked like it was going to be good since it was a woman debating for pro-life against a professor in Bio-ethics who apparently did a thesis on why abortion should be permitted. Stephanie Gray was very experienced and well spoken while Dr. Sneddon came off as cold while he clearly seemed to be avoiding the questions.

I went with some friends (including my Pastor) and despite getting there early we were greeted with a packed room. I thought the crazy people would be the pro-lifers but despite the event being organized by the Ottawa U pro-life group it was the feminists who turned out to be the crazies. The sat behind us and acted shocked and appalled whenever there was a comparison between abortion and some atrocious human activity (like the Holocaust). I wonder what they thought of the graphic abortion video which even I thought was a bit much.

Either way, it was the mention of how the university was allowing free speech that ended up getting the most cheers right at the end. I thoroughly enjoyed it and I have to say it feels nice to be back in school, especially when you don't have any assignments.

For a couple reviews of the event check out: or here.
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