Thursday, March 19, 2009

Pop Down Project

The pop down project is an initiative that just tries to showcase the amount of 'space pollution' we have to endure. In their words "On the Internet, getting rid of unsollicited pop-ups is pretty easy. In real life, things are a tad more complicated.
The Pop_Down Project aims at symbolically restoring everyone's right to non-exposure: Just stick a "Close window" button on any public space pollution."
Back in Hamilton I had a few friends who would go around ripping down illegal advertising. You know the stuff on telephone poles and on the sides of highways on trees. They had some hilarious stories about getting caught. I thought it was brilliant.
The Pop Down Project aims a little higher and is attacking legal advertising but at the same time they aren't ripping anything down. It just makes people think (if they even notice it).

Here are a few examples:
I really like this one because it reminds me of the Paris Metro which is where this initiative started I believe.
This one is great because it really is one of those horribly ugly ads.
It even works on junk.
This is just hilarious....
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Irene said...

ah, the Paris metro.