Monday, April 20, 2009

My Poor Blogging

Sorry for the lack of insightful, informative and interesting blog posts that you may have become used to if you read other peoples blogs.
This blog has never really tried to be either of those things to anybody but myself. Either way the lack of blog posting is quite dismal and I take full blame for it. But I do plead insanity since there is tons going on right now. I am on too many committees to name for church, plus work is crazy right now and we are also trying to re-drywall much of our house before our taper moves to Holland.
So I am busy.

It is not an excuse just an explanation. Now go find an insightful, informative or interesting blog to read.


Anonymous said...

Its totally cool. Do your thing.

One time i spelt insight wrong in a blog


Reuben said...

lol dan