Sunday, April 19, 2009

Susan Boyle shows why our society is still sad

So the Susan Boyle phenomenon is still going strong. If you havn't seen the well produced Britain's got Talent episode here it is. It is currently at over 30million views in the past week. The whole thing is filmed to set up the viewer for the emotional moment where she starts singing. That is fine because the people who watch these shows generally like that kind of stuff.
It is great because she is the sort of underdog story that people can relate to very easily. Even the guy who took a gamble and bought the url before all this exploded has seen the web site explode in popularity.
But my question is what if she had not sung flawlessly? What if she had totally flubbed it? She would have been ridiculed like all the rest of the wannabe singers without either looks or talent. What does that say about our society? Everyone is saying how amazing she is but what they are really saying is "Susan, we can't believe that such a frumpy non-attractive woman can sing so well." I don't think it is intended but it is just the byproduct of our society. It is the same as worshiping the singer with the perfect body in the end.
What I am trying to say is that this scenario says more about our society than really meets the eye.
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