Monday, November 23, 2009

Great Canadian Songquest

If you regularly listen to CBC Radio2 you will have heard the show 'Drive' with Rich Terfry (aka Buck 65).
Over the past couple months they set up this contest where you could nominate and then vote on the top nominations for a place and the artist to write a song about it.
Well today those songs were revealed. I wasn't able to catch all of them but most of the ones I did catch were quite good. You can go here for the complete list.
Joel Plaskett's was a typically rough around the edges (he said he wanted to rerecord it with his band) and Hawksley Workman's was both clear and wild,
Of the songs I heard, the one about Tofino by Oh Susanna! was one of my favs. Martha Wainwright's song about the Black Sheep Inn was quite dark but I think it at least caught some of the secluded feel of Wakefield.

The coolest thing about this is hearing how the songs were written and how they came about. Makes you want to travel around checking out some places. As someone commenting on the CBC blog said "the list seems to include two bars, 7 parks or "natural wonders," three kind-of-obscure towns, and one road to nowhere. I think this list is representative of what I love about Canada"

Anyway, there is apparently a concert in the works and all the songs are available on Itunes if you want to give them a listen. I know I do.
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