Friday, November 20, 2009

More Good News for the Skeptics

Thanks to my connections I am hearing about this. You know you can't rely on the regular media for these kinds of stories.

Apparently some hacker got into the servers of the Hadley Climate Research Centre and copied 62mb of emails and research data of some of the most prominent Global Warming alarmists in the world. It was posted on a Russian server and by now has spread all over the web. I'm not going to get into posting the stuff because I'm not sure how our police-state would respond and I also probably would not be able to understand most of it.

Here is a review of much of the data though.

Basically much of the data and emails have been confirmed by people in the know that they are real. If this ends up getting broadcast in the general media it could be huge. Already it has been posted by BBC and the Guardian albeit with no mention of the contents. It remains to be seen if the mainstream media (especially in North America) picks up on this and how. We all know they are intrinsically tied to the Global Warming propaganda that they have been pumping out for years now because catastrophe sells. But then again so does scandal.

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