Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Our Apartment

So we are officially renting our apartment now. It is a spacious multi-room dwelling normally used by royalty but for some reason we can afford it. No actually its quite small but perfect for the two of us. The kitchen is a decent size (see the pic with Irene in it)

The apartment also sports a dining / living area thats big enough to have a decent amount of people over. Living Rm with a View^

The master (sorry) only bedroom is hopefully big enough for our bed and all of Irene's clothes. We shall see about that.

The view is a decent sunset view of the Ottawa River and the Gatineau Hills in behind which can be quite nice. The only thing with the sunset is that the apartment can get really warm in the summer.

In the basement of the apartment there is an excercise room and two squash courts, laundry room and a pool table. I need a pool cue. There is also some storage space and a bike room. We also are paying a little extra (10 bucks/month) for indoor parking. All in all it will be exciting.

We are moving all of Irene's stuff up this weekend. Packing on Friday and unloading it all on Saturday morning. Hopefully we can start to get the place set up on Saturday too.

I will be living there till the wedding. Just think, little ol' Reuben has to be a bachelor for a few weeks. Should be interesting.

Thats it for now. You could probably check Irene's blog for a more emotional and in depth look at the apartment situation if you were so inclined.

^Irene in the Kitchen (no - not where she belongs)

The Bedroom>

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