Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Wedding Planning

This is wedding planning from my point of view. I think I am the average guy. I am not one of those guys who says its the woman's job to plan it. I do not think it is right to say that all I will do is wear a tux and show up and say "I do." But I am definitely not the kind of guy who really enjoys the whole experience of wedding planning.

In my opinion the whole wedding planning situation is over done, over emphasized and over blown. From my experiences so far anything and everything that has to do with a wedding is automatically over priced. For example you can buy a normal pen for what? Five cents? But a beautiful feather pen with some large synthetic feather sticking out costs thirty dollars. (I bet you get less ink with that too seeing as the feather is taking up all the room in the pen.)

It seems that everywhere you go people ask you about details like what colour are the dresses and what type of flowers you are using. People seem to assume that you will be doing what is traditional in our part of the world. That is spend obscene amounts of money on one day. I heard the average amount spent on weddings is far into the 10-20,000 ($CAN) range.

That said, the day is very special and I can not wait for it to come. I want everything to run smoothly and I want everyone to have a good time. So there seems to be a fine balance between caught up in what the world does and actually having a wedding where the one thing that really does matter is the fact that two people are starting their lives together. The focus should be on the fact that God is at the center of all of this and not how many tiers there are on the wedding cake. I think our wedding has found that perfect balance (or as close to it as Irene will let me).

Irene has all these dreams about what she wants her wedding to look like. I can visualize it too but I have heard from almost everybody who gets married that you do not remember much of the big day. Thats why you get pictures I guess....
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