Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Update on my Life

So for anybody that actually reads this blog:

As of Monday, February 6 I have started my job at Farrow Architects after turning down several job offers. So far the job is great. The people are great (really busy but still great). The job atmosphere is good too. All in all I am enjoying myself immensely. The firm has about 10 people so it is not so large that you become a dismissable number. The guy I share my office with, an intern architect from Carlton U. is into exactly the same music as me. It works out well as we can play music without pissing each other off. I still find it amazingly coincidental that he not only has heard of Sigur Rose but loves their "hopelandic" music as much as I do.

Irene and I have chosen an apartment which will be availiable on March 1st. It is William Mosgrove Towers in Ottawa. For a one room apartment it isn't too bad. It features a large kitchen and living / dining room with beautiful sunset views of the Ottawa River and the Gatineau Hills in the background. It is also right on bus route to my work so I plan to sell my car. Any takers?

The wedding planning is progressing and I am confident that everything will come together for the big day on March 18th 2006.

Thanks for joining us more updates will follow...
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