Tuesday, March 04, 2008

How The West Québec Was Won

Everyone is always complaining about winter but I really do enjoy it. I don't mind being a little cold, as long as you dress for it. But it wasn't really until I experienced winters in Ottawa and Gatineau that I really started to enjoy and appreciate winter. There really is something special and different about it.

This song, How The West Québec Was Won by an awesome Ottawa band called The Acorn really echoes my feelings about the Outaouais.

pack in all the layers and head into the hills for the season
shakin off the shackles of the city and forgettable days
relishing the simple joys of fire
forget about the sticky apartments, all this hot summer haze
but ooooooooh we'll glide on frozen water
tumble down on mountains made of snow

we've been breakin resolutions and promises for most of the year
the love your still smokin never parted ways with my beard
every night we stumble home together
longer and longer as our favourite constellations appear
but ooooooooh we'll glide on frozen water
move into the hills of gatineau
we can stay up every night
as the city's slowly buried in the snow

So does anybody want to go see them at the Black Sheep Inn on March 29th?

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