Saturday, March 15, 2008


So this is what all the evangelical Christians are doing these days. They have gone all technological on us and invented a website called Godtube.
I'm not quite sure what to think of this site yet but a quick glance tells me that it can't be all that bad. It apparently tries to be "a video-driven social network where users can explore their faith and the tenets of Christianity." Nothing wrong with that. And on the content "Some of the content is fun, some of it is serious, and all of it is safe for the whole family." Well that is definitely more than anyone can say about Youtube.
The only reservations I would have would be about the "Christian content" These days many non-Christian things are being pushed as Christian for ulterior motives. Some of the content may be leading people who aren't Christian to believe things about Christianity that really is not true....
But that opens up the whole debate about evangelizing and how and when to do it.
Either way its a better place for the kiddies than youtube I guess.
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