Saturday, July 26, 2008

Free Parking for Scooters in Ottawa

A guy at my local Vespa dealership started this petition to get counsel to look at setting up free parking for scooters and motorcycles in Ottawa. I want as many people to sign it as possible.
Other cities in Canada have it so why not the capital city? Scooters are a benefit in that they reduce traffic congestion and gridlock so why not encourage their use by providing free parking. This is the rule in Europe where the streets are lined with scooters wherever you go.
This is in Paris, where I found the scooters to be just another part of my romanticized vision of the city.

In other news, Irene now has a helmet and jacket so she can ride on the back of the Vespa. Good times ahead! I just need to get a top box for her helmet and we are all set up for doing day trips into the Gatineaus.
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