Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Nova Scotia Trip

A bunch of weeks ago I hopped into a car with a friend from Ottawa and drove straight to the Annapolis Valley and Halifax in Nova Scotia for the weekend. He needed someone to drive with and I am always up for a road trip. I think the idea was hatched while downing beers after snowboarding at some point in the winter. Something to remember: snowboarding+beer=good ideas.
I think it may have looked something like this when I had the brilliant idea.The plan was to get to the Valley in 12 hours and catch some shut eye. Turns out we suck at math and estimating. It took 15.5 hours of straight driving. We hit Montreal at a crappy time, forgot to include the lost hour due to time zones and just generally guessed wrong. We also almost ran out of gas because there aren't a whole lot of gas stations open at 3:00 in the morning. On our way through New Brunswick we made sure we killed most of the province's bugs with the bumper of our car. Oh well, we got there barely awake and proceeded to hang out with our host in his packed apartment/designated crash pad. He had stayed up all night waiting for us (just for fun) with a friend of his. I dozed off mid-conversation and woke up on the couch. In the morning I met a couple of dudes who had crashed there too and were on their way to the airport to go home to their respective countries in the Caribbean. I also discovered that the town we where in, Wolfville, is the home to Acadia University. Apparently it gets lots of rave reviews all the time. Also, Irene and I went through this town the last time we were driving around the Annapolis Valley. Here is a pic of the apartment we stayed at.We spent the rest of the day running around getting ready for the wedding later in the afternoon. Clearly it took a lot of effort. We stopped at a little look out and snapped a few pics before getting dressed for the wedding. Its a really nice countryside out there with extremely courteous people driving around. If this was Ontario we would have been run over just for trying to pull over.The wedding was like pretty much any wedding except that it was at an army base. We had beers in the mess hall and had a good time at the reception. I met several very interesting people including a couple who had gone to the same church as me in Burlington. Small world.
Here is a picture of me trying to act like I belong in the mess hall of an army base. Am I pulling it off or what.After several glasses of wine and some good conversations with friendly people from all over Canada we headed back to the apartment. We slept heavily this time and got up for church the next morning. It was an interesting service which reminded me of our church in Ottawa. After a hearty east coast lunch with the pastor's family we headed into Halifax to see my aunt and uncle and cousins.
Before we got there my cousin launched himself off a jump on his bike and proceeded to break his arm. We had a great time catching up and stayed up late listening to my uncle tell his stories from his military days. It made me wish I had actually joined back in high school. I have to find out the recipe for that legendary Moosemilk drink. Thank you wikipedia. Here is a model of a plane that he used to fly but not after drinking moosemilk.The next day we headed downtown for a short visit with Irene`s cousins. They have a couple really cute kids who were a joy to be around. It was great to catch up with them too and see their little house. Kevin, by the way, makes some fantastic music that you can check out at his myspace page here. Our trip back was quite a bit quicker. Not a single person passed us from Halifax to Montreal. We simply had to make one stop in the town of St. Louis-du-Ha!-Ha!But other than that it was go go go and I was home and in bed by 12:30.

On the August long weekend the plan was to go to Winnipeg for a friend`s wedding but the plane ticket is killing me so Irene is going by herself. But when she gets back I leave for Montreal to catch Radiohead in concert. Should be intense.
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