Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Take Away Shows do Arcade Fire

I think I have stumbled across one of the coolest music sites on the internet. Take Away Shows really is something special. The concept was created when Parisian film maker Vincent Moon got together with Chryde and they began filming indie bands doing short sessions on the street, in a bar or even in an elevator. The result is a raw but interesting way to see your favourite bands. The videos are barely edited and the sessions are not rehearsed.
This video of Montreal's Arcade Fire in Paris at the Olympia is especially well-known. Even if you don't know Arcade Fire, these are some amazing versions of both Neon Bible and Wake Up. I don't want to give anything away so just watch it and be blown away. These guys are just so good.

And because I am a huge Canadian indie-music fan here is another video of a Canadian. One man strings band Final Fantasy (aka Owen Pallett) from Toronto does a song while walking (running) down the streets of Paris. This brings back some awesome memories of Paris for me.

Oh, how I want to go back!
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