Thursday, October 02, 2008

The Political Compass

The other day I was directed to a website called The Political Compass by my buddy and co-worker. The website claims to find where you stand in the political spectrum. They say that it is no longer about left vs right. It is more a combination of your stance on social and economic areas.
I took the 5 minute multiple choice test and this was my result:The website administration apparently placed the Canadian political parties based on the same questions:
It looks to me like I am closer to the NDP than even the Liberals. Weird. I thought I would be more of a Libertarian but on the Right side of the economic scale.
I suggest you take the test and let me know where you stand according to this website. I find it hard to believe that they would not be biased in some way but it is not readily apparent if they are. Also, some of the questions are not that great. When it asks if you agree or disagree with the statement "Sex outside of marriage is usually immoral" you could say 'I Agree' or you could say 'I disagree because it is always immoral'. Technically both responses are on the same side but because of the way the survey looks at it they would be reflected very differently in the results.
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