Friday, October 10, 2008

Who is even voting for this guy?

I just cannot understand who is voting for Stephane Dion. Check out this clip of an interview he did with CTV Atlantic. The reporter asks Dion what he would have done differently if he was Prime Minister when the markets are collapsing and the economy is crashing. He stalls and says he doesn't understand, asks for a redo and does this 3 or 4 times. Finally he gives an answer that doesn't mean anything.
It is just sad. And this guy wants to be Prime Minister! It makes you feel almost sorry for the guy until you remember that he is trying to ruin our country with his 'good intentions'.
I mean, I would vote for Jack Layton over this guy.
Just vote for Harper people. He even reversed the arts cuts so now he isn't so bad.

Speaking of arts cuts, on the CBC Radio3 blogs that I frequently comment on you can not get away with saying anything that supports the conservatives. Even the DJs are quite blatantly biased. There are people pushing the, Facebook vote swapping and events such as 'This is not a conservative party'. The music is great but the attitude really gets you down. Many of their points are true but when you look at Dion and his Green Shift plan and then Layton who wants to shut down the Tar Sands really what choice do you have. Both of those parties have lost some touch with reality. The only logical choice is Harper.
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