Sunday, December 28, 2008

A company in Germany is offering this fantastic getaway for men. Here is the perfect description:

Think of it as a testosterone-soaked sandbox: a German amusement park where, instead of standing in line to ride on roller coasters, you get to play with big, loud machines. For 219 euros (about $280), patrons can spend the day operating 29-ton Liebherr backhoes and 32-ton Komatsu front-end loaders, off-roading through the woods in a Mercedes-built Unimog, peeling out in a Suzuki SUV, and slinging some mud on quad bikes.

Does that not sound completely amazing? Driving huge tractors, off roading and any other amazing thing you can think of. I am so getting on a plane to Germany right now.
Check out the article from Wired here with pictures.
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