Tuesday, December 09, 2008

The Good ol Hockey Game

In the last couple weeks we ended up scoring tickets to see both of Ottawas major hockey teams. A co-worker got me 4 free tickets to an Ottawa 67s game and the following week I ended up with a ticket to the Senators/Thrashers game. Someone ended up backing out of that at the last minute so Irene got to go.
The 67s are a pretty decent team with one of the best (and longest running) coaches in the OHL. They started off pretty badly but near the end were starting a good comeback. The final score was 5-4 for the Oshawa Generals. The game also included the funniest half-time show I have ever seen. It was a bunch of mascots running around the ice, dancing and attacking each other. And since we came late our seats were near the top of the stands. Also, because we had four tickets, we invited some church friends along with us. The Senators game was quite thrilling because we had some of the best seats in the building. We were 8 rows up from behind the opponents bench. High enough to see over the boards but low enough to really feel the action. Also, they serve you beer/food in these lower levels.
The game was really thrilling and was a big win for the struggling Ottawa team. I caught all the goals and most were really good. The scoring started off early and so did the fighting.
The final score was 5-1 for Ottawa. It was a once in lifetime opportunity.In somewhat sad news, a fan from Vermont in the stands across from us fell from the top (third) level to the second level when he tripped on a womans purse. He was apparently carrying two drinks. Both the man who fell and the woman he landed on are surprisingly fine. No word on what happened to the drinks.
We missed the whole thing because we were too busy getting served in our luxury seats. Apparently, what happens on the top levels, stays in the top levels.
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