Friday, June 19, 2009

If Fleet Foxes say it - it must be true!

I recently read a great quote from Robin Pecknold of the great indie folk rock band Fleet Foxes on Speaking with BBC News he basically said that music is better off because of piracy on the internet.

He explained that we are seeing tons of new bands creating better music than ever before the piracy issues. He says that the internet is where he discovered most of his favourite music.

And to top it off when asked whether he minded if people 'stole' his albums he says "I've downloaded hundreds of records....why would I care someone downloads ours? That is such a petty thing to care about. I mean, how much money does one person need?"

Favourite quote of the year for me!
Actually this reminds me that I have to buy their latest album........


Lawren said...

WHAT? they have a new album??


Reuben said...

um no - did I say that?