Monday, June 29, 2009

Spring Concerts #2: Miss Emily Brown w/ Mother Mother

The next concert that I went to (or that I can remember) was at the Black Sheep Inn. Best venue ever by the way.
We had seen Mother Mother before and a few friends were coming up so we decided to check them out again.

The opener was Miss Emily Brown from Iroquois, Ontario (south of Ottawa). She did this jazzy/folksy set that was a great counterpoint to the rock show that was to follow.
One of her songs from her latest project was basically turning letters from nurses in the Second World War into songs. I thought lyrically and musically the effect was quite emotional. Apparently she just needs some more money and she will be making an entire cd with those songs. Very intriguing.

Mother Mother are a pretty rocking band with fantastic and very unique vocals mainly from a brother and sister from BC. The band also includes another girl who also does back up vocals. They use the vocals of the girls and guy to the max. It is what makes this band unique and great to listen to.

Once again it was another memorable show at the Black Sheep Inn.
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