Sunday, June 28, 2009

Spring Concerts #1: Metric, Malajube & Bedouin Soundclash

I realize that I have been neglecting the whole blog thing for the past few months but I really wanted to write a bit about several of the concerts that I went to during this time.
I am starting with the Metric show at the Civic Centre.

The Quebec band 'Malajube' who sing exclusively in french opened up the show and blasted through their set. I found them too loud and messy to enjoy even though they pulled off their radio hits fairly decently. For the rest it wasn't very memorable.

The next band, Bedouin Soundclash, I thought were a one-hit-wonder back a few years ago. However they have morphed into a powerful reggae rock band with a bit of Bob Marley feel.
I especially like the added touch of touring with a brass section. These guys were a really nice touch.
By the time Metric came out the crowd was pretty pumped. Emily Haines and her crew really know how to rock the place. They are one of the biggest Canadian bands right now and they really looked it. Their album was leaked online months before it's intended release and it was instantly a hit around the world. That is an incredible story for this small time Toronto indie-band.
Emily Haines was able to bring the place down and raise it up with her crazy on-stage antics and dynamic voice.
All in all it was a fantastic show and I really was blown away by Metric and Bedouin Soundclash. Both bands far exceeded my expectations.

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