Sunday, November 23, 2008

I just read this article about Toyota trying to clamp down on pictures of their cars. I just can't believe it. Here is an excerpt from that article:

Toyota, one of the biggest car companies in the world, is often a name synonymous with quality. There is even a philosophy of doing business, called “The Toyota Way”, which emphasizes that the right result will come from the right process, and that solving the root problems brings the organization the greatest benefit.

This ‘Way’ is probably not communicated to its lawyers in great detail, which is why Desktopnexus, a site that provides desktop backgrounds, has been contacted by them. In perhaps one of the most wildly arrogant demands in DMCA history, Toyota’s lawyers are demanding the withdrawal of all wallpapers that feature a Toyota, Scion, or Lexus. The site’s owner, Harry Maugans contacted Toyota to clarify. He was told that all images featuring Toyota vehicles should be removed, even images with copyright belonging to others.

It seems almost as crazy as the new initiative by Queens University to clamp down on any talk that doesn't align itself with the university's views. But actually that story is much worse. I almost chocked on my lunch when I read that one. Back to Toyota: What is with big corporations these days and their backward thinking philosophies. This is the internet age people, change your corporate plan to fit with it or your company will suffer the same fate as the movie and music industry. In this day and age companies have to learn to change faster and faster. By threatening to sue a Desktop Wallpaper website you are not accomplishing anything but you are losing touch with your customers.
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