Tuesday, October 17, 2006

3 Flicks and a Tune

As I write this, Irene is watching 'Gilmore Girls' which is a soap opera on uppers (they all talk way too fast in that show). Anyway the point of this blog was to describe 3 movies that made me smile and 1 song that almost made me cry.

The first movie was 'Elizabethtown'. This is a great movie that at first glance seems like a normal chick flick but it turns out going in some different directions. It does end kind of predictably but it has its share of funny parts and really different characters. It is also the first movie in which I actually enjoyed Orlando Bloom.

The second is 'American Beauty' which is a totally off the wall movie. It has some pretty racy parts but you have to 'look closer' (that's the motto of the movie). This movie has so many layers. Even the title means so much. I loved it even though it was rated R. Plus it puts down suburbs (in its own subtle way).

The third movie I watched again a few nights ago and it is one of Irene's favorites. It is the Audrey Hepburn classic 'Breakfast at Tiffany's'. If you have not seen any Hepburn movies you are really missing out. She shines in this one as a totally carefree girl. It isn't flashy and hollywoodish its just good fun. Why can't they make movies like this anymore?

Lastly is a Sufjan Stevens song from his Illinois album called Casimir Pulaski Day. The whole album has a great surreal quality to it (making it perfect bus riding music). Anyway, when combined with a strong case of melancholyness, a sunny day, an autumn walk through the park and the lyrics 'my shirt tucked in and my shoes untied' it actually choked me up. Anybody who knows me would know that I am not a very outwardly emotional person so it kind of caught me off guard. I love that God puts those things in life when you least expect them. I love being able too see beauty in life.

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