Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Is that a Rollerskate in your pocket?

I just got back from Raleigh, North Carolina last night. It was good times. Maybe I will post some pics at some point.

Some of the highlights included:
-Eating at Big Ed's (we saw Ed and yes he was big)
-Spotting Canadian flags
-Cheering with the locals
-Trying to mimic the southern accent (Irene was the best - or she tried the hardest)
-Smuggling bananas over the border and denying any knowledge of it
-Learning that it was actually the North who lost the Civil War (and the south may take it up again at any time in the near future)
-Taking illegal pictures of Toll Booths
-Mimicing the New York accent (Irene was the best once again)
-Rollerskating with the locals
-Great tunes (and not so great tunes)
-Feeling overwhelmed with football (they even televise high school games - There are too many teams in the NFL let alone the college leagues and now high school too!!!)
-Shopping in a Walmart Superstore (and I thought regular Walmarts were big)
-Shipping a pumpkin pie 2000 kms (maybe we should have declared that at the border too)
-Three navigators telling one driver where to go (sorry Josh)
-Cheap Gas (I think we actually robbed the one place)
-Scrubbing bugs of the windshield (I can't believe thats a highlight)
-Taking far to many pictures of the Washington Monument (You can see it from anywhere in DC)
-Trashing the Super 8 hotel room (and having the ceiling collapse on Irene at night)
-Josh attempting to take pics of the great views in the Poconos (did they turn out?)
-Cruising in my favourite car (that Lexus is one sweeeeet ride)
-What are Tar Heels and why would a prestigious university cheer for them?
-Hanging out with Corrine and her roomies.
-Finding out that Raleigh has more girls than guys (that doesn't matter because I'm married)
-Using the GPS to find things. (There is a washroom in 1.3 kilometers!)
-How's Your News?
-Falling asleep to Cuff the Duke.
-Playing 'Things in a Box' (Whats that in your pocket?)
-Revealing secrets (I DO NOT own a leather cat suit)
-Taking far too many pictures (its a good thing we went digital - or is it?)

and the list goes on......

Wow we did a lot of stuff!
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