Monday, October 30, 2006

Reuben needs......

Listening to: The Clumsy Lovers - Save For You

I have been tagged by Jolene (welcome back to the blogging world Jo!)
I am supposed to type "Reuben needs" into google and see what I need. So according to google these are the top ten things that I need.

Reuben needs... Prayer - Absolutely
Reuben needs... all these hospital procedures - Aaaaaah why are there men in white suits bursting through the doors!!!!!
Reuben needs... to do more than his Luther Vandross impression - Hey I do all I can.
Reuben needs... a Nobel Prize - And I don't even know why
Reuben needs... to do a press release for each county - On what?
Reuben needs... to learn how to loosen up - Absolutely (i mean if I am like Einstein)
Reuben needs... to lose his 'nothing ventured, nothing lost' attitude - Hey doesn't that kind of contradict the last one?
Reuben needs... a second chance - More than a second chance i think.
Reuben needs... rye - Need I say more.
Reuben needs... a full measure of love and courage to get by

I think that last one sums it all up pretty nicely so we shall leave it at that.
I won't bother tagging anybody because I don't think anyone who wasn't tagged already actually reads this blog. If you havn't been tagged by anyone else and you find yourself reading this consider yourself tagged!
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