Monday, October 23, 2006

Rick Mercer reporting on WestJet

Anybody who watches the Rick Mercer report will know what I am talking about here. This week he is made an honorary Westjetter for a day. See the show Tuesday @ 8 on CBC of course.

Irene and her fellow westjetters are all giddy with excitement (I'm probably exaggerating but if you have ever flown with WJet you would know what I mean)

Anyway, it should prove to be a good show. Most of the people I know at WestJet are pretty crazy cool people. Combine that WestJetter attitude with good ol' Rick and funny stuff is bound to happen.

If you miss it check here.

Also he did a spoof on one of their "Owners" commercials. Check it out here by scrolling down to Nov. 29 2005.
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