Friday, January 09, 2009

World Juniors in Ottawa

I know this post is a little late and everyone knows that Canada won Gold in a game against Sweden. But what about bronze? No one pays attention to that game. The bronze medal game took place just before the gold medal game and we were there! Yup on Monday Irene got the tickets from her boss who had tickets for all the games. She wanted to go see Canada play Sweden but wasn't planning on showing up early enough to see Russia and Slovakia play for bronze.

So we went and it was an awesome game. I was wondering who everybody would cheer for. We picked Slovakia since they were underdogs and apparently Ottawa likes underdogs because by the end of the game everybody was cheering for Slovakia.

We had pretty awesome seats on the 100 level just in front of the boxes.
The game play was pretty fast and there were plenty of good chances on both ends. Both goalies made some fantastic saves.
We ate some crummy food. Note to self - always double check that you got what you ordered before walking all the way back to your seat.The place was already filled with Team Canada fans getting pumped for the next game. These guys were so excited they put their underwear on over their pants. Good thing they chose the Team Canada underwear.
Russia ended up winning the game 5-2 but Slovakia got more cheers from the Ottawa crowd who are used to cheering for underdogs - at least this season.
The best players of the game got Swiss watches.
The winning team standing for the Russian national anthem.
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